Tips for your pet’s enjoyable and stress-free visit to Lakeside Pet Retreat LLC


The day of arrival, please try to check-in by 11:30am or by 4:30pm so we may have the opportunity to evaluate and give personal time with your pet prior to closing hours. Allow yourself ample time to fill out the proper paperwork and have the paperwork filled out completely prior to arrival. Make the check-in time a happy time. Make sure to say your good-byes prior to your pet leaving your vehicle at drop off. We will be taking your pet from you at this time of arrival. Please pull under the carport. If you have a trailer or large vehicle please pull to the side of carport. Pets can often sense our anxieties and will equate check-in as a negative action rather than a positive fun time. Please supply pets with their normal food, have the bag/container/tote labeled with your pets name on it and provide enough food for the entire length of the stay. If you have a active pet please send extra food. Try not to feed your pet a meal prior to check-in. Pack the treats and allow us to give them to your pet when your pet is settled and comfortable.


After picking up your pet, please, DO NOT offer food or water right away. Most pets are very excited to return home and will gulp water or engulf food. This could trigger a digestive upset…diarrhea or vomiting. If the pet appears thirsty, offer a few ice cubes in a bowl.

Contact us with any questions about your pet’s stay, we will be happy to let you know in detail how the pet adjusted. We are here to provide the most enjoyable stay for one of the most important living beings in your life…your pet.

We look forward to his/her visit with us.

Just a friendly reminder for preventative care for flea, tick, and mosquitoes is to have your pet covered. Talk with your local Veterinarian about the service and the importance of prevention for your pet from parasites.

Monday-Sunday 9am – 12pm / 3pm-5pm

Please have your pet checked in by 11:30 am or by 4:30pm to have time to settle in.

Monday-Sunday:  9am – 12 pm

Pets leaving from 3-5 will be charged a daycare fee for each guest.